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The smaller level of skills and knowledge
The smaller level of skills and knowledge, the greater eagerness to excessive use of available graphic tools (such as Photoshop). While processing pictures many people obtain those that shouldn’t have existed, or obtain daubs in order to receive positive remarks and flatter the tastes of less-experience audience. The need of using modern dark room is obvious, so making small changes is not a real problem here, but significant changes in prototype. I have low opinion of those, who reach for programmes in order to hide their own ignorance and lack of talent, unless an author intended to create a graphic – however, what does it have to do with photography? In photo processing one shouldn’t loose one’s head – viewers shouldn’t notice any interference of a programme; it is all about light make-up…

insert Hardnut, date: 2010-11-29

Twelve photographs
"Twelve photographs that matter in a year is a good crop for any photographer” (Ansel Adams). It is hard to disagree with the master. I don’t expect all photos, including my own, to be always good… their quality will be different for sure…

insert Hardnut, date: 2010-11-28

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