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…more knowledge, less certainty…
Neither, I am convinced by those, who claim they know everything and can’t wait to reveal “the truth” to the whole world; nor by those, who instruct and preach others giving authoritative and bossy opinions ex cathedra… I stay away from them. I prefer the opinion of those, who have doubts; those, who are aware of the great amount of conditions and relations, and who rather ask than state something – they are more reliable to me. How to ask questions and how to listen means more than simply talking…the longer I live the more I have questions, unfortunately…

insert Hardnut, date: 2010-11-29

Daubs of pseudo-artists
Daubs of pseudo-artists, who try to replace the lack of skills and talent with aggressive and half-baked graphic technique; or with multiple edition of almost the same, completely bizarre, outlandish or PS-damaged pictures on the same worn-out subject, taken and published only because of “wows” expressed by less-experienced people; or with some other pathetic behaviour. Cheap showiness has been the food for some people looking for acceptance and applause in the internet, especially when they haven’t earn the respect and admiration of professionals in the reality. If the reality sucks, at least lets make our dream nice. Is it better to repeat these actions, or stop posing as someone, who you are not, and get down to work?

insert Hardnut, date: 2010-11-29

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