About me






About me

My name is Zbigniew Szylanski and I come from Torun/Poland, where I run my own company. I graduated from the Faculty of Law Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.

The photos published in my portfolio are dedicated to my Family and Friends. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to create this site. If it had not been for your encouragements this site would not have existed.Thank you for all your suggestions -> they are the true source of inspiring considerations for me.

My pleasure will be bigger, if the published pictures will admired by other people, who are not necessarily interested in these area of photography in their everyday life.

Taking photos gives me the biggest joy that I'm able to incorporate into my life, is my the passion, not their publication, admiration and appreciation.

In photos, I show my perception of the world, the amazing wildlife and everything that attracts my attention.

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